Year: 2017
Event: 32nd Hyères Fashion Festival
Villa Noailles / Swarovski
Villa Noailles. Hyères, France
Close-up photographs:
Lothaire Hucki

Accessories: Wendy Andreu, Marina Chedel, Alexandre Girard, Christophe Lhote, Emma Montague, Noémie Nivelet, Mayeul Reignault, Thibaut Rodde & Sandrine Pachecus, Eeva Rönkä, Sofya Samareva

Rose is the exhibition design of the 1st Accessory Design competition taking place during the Hyères Fashion Festival at the Villa Noailles (France).

Rose aims at highlighting eighty accessories created by ten designers working with both different typologies of objects as well as materials. The challenge of this scenography was to both highlight and differentiate the works of these ten creatives in a rather small space.
The elements composing this set take their inspiration in various architectural features of Robert Mallet-Stevens’ design for the Villa Noailles. The tier like structure refers therefore to the building itself when the color of the room as well as the light are inspired by the famous ‘Salon Rose’ one of the most impressive room in Mallet-Stevens’ villa.