Year: 2015
Event: Design Parade #10
Villa Noailles and Manufacture de Sèvres
Villa Noailles, Hyères, France
Picture #1:
Lothaire Hucki

Revue is the scenography of the exhibition « Manufacture de Sèvres + Design Parade = 10 ans de création » that  took place at the occasion of the 10th Anniversary edition of the Design Parade festival of the Villa Noailles in Hyères (France).

Revue was designed to celebrate the collaboration between Design Parade and French traditional porcelain producer Manufacture de Sèvres. Over the past ten years, winners of the Design Parade competition Grand Prix have indeed been awarded the privilege to develop a project with the French manufacturer during a year long residency.
Revue, which in French also means ‘review’ is therefore a scenography designed to both highlight the projects made over these past 10 years as well as celebrate this rich partnership between a multi-centennial production house and a design festival that aims to promote the works of young emerging designers.
In its form, Revue does not only borrow symbols to the entertainment world but also refers to the so-called ‘wedding cake displays’ on which Nations would present their craft masterpieces during early Universal Expositions. Entering a very dark room filled with a sophisticated whirring sound visitors’s curiosity is attracted by the hidden enlightened space in the middle of the installation and forced to discover the various projects as well as the impressiveness of the craft by gazing through the slit drape.