Year: 2017
La Reine Jane
Jean-Pierre Blanc (director of Villa Noailles)
Pierre Bleue Belge
Lothaire Hucki

The Reine Jane Hotel on the French Riviera that made an appearance in Godard’s movie Pierrot le fou in 1965 has asked 14 designers to re-design its 14 rooms.

Room 2  is aiming at celebrating the magnificent view the room offers towards the mediterranean sea and its islands. The orientation of the room is tilted so that both the bed and the shower are oriented towards the view, inviting visitors to fully experience its unique landscape.
Refined tailor-made steel furniture as well as specifically designed blue limestone surfaces bring a monacal identity suitable for contemplation. The 260 million years old sea fossils imprisoned in the stone are working as subtle patterns spread through the room in various sizes and shapes, inviting visitors to discover them.