Year: 2009
Event: Dutch Design Week 2009
Commissioner: Atelierdorp
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Exhibition pictures:
Collective Exposure

Project assistant: Vincent Tarisien

Studio Julien Carretero was commissioned to curate and design the exhibition Chaos / Order of the design collective Atelierdorp that took place at the Strijp-X gallery in Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week 2009.

This exhibition is an inventory.
 It aims at portraying the activity taking place in the Church Pastoor van Ars in Eindhoven. It shows the variety of works from thirty creatives coming from nine different countries, but all working in the same place at this very moment. It is an attempt to create an exhibition without any highlight, without any condescension, with neither a view point nor direction. It is ‘uncurated’, which means the selection has not be made according to a theme or to value one’s personal vision, but only in order to show the best from every single individual or studio working in the Church. Works from established designers, interns, freelancers and students at various academic levels are displayed next to each other. This exhibition places everyone on the same level in spite of name, age, recognition or professional status.
This exhibition tries to be honest.