Year: 2017
Event: Salone del Mobile
IN Residence
Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò
Palazzo Clerici, Milan, Italy

Stoicheion was commissioned by IN Residence  to be part of Talisman, Contemporary Symbolic Objects, an exhibition gathering talismans designed by 46 designers held during the Milan Design Week 2017 at Palazzo Clerici.

Stoicheion is a portable adaptation of the periodic table that arranges chemical elements according to their atomic number, electron configurations and chemical properties.
Complex to decode for novices it represents the ultimate agnostic talisman par excellence. Its ‘magic’ stands in its ability to deconstruct and summarize down to 118 elements all things existing — both natural and artificial —, all living beings as well as all phenomenons happening — known and unknown — in the Universe. The extraordinary power of Stoicheion therefore relies on the intriguing alphabet it depicts, which can be considered as the most complete list of ingredients from which all recipes can be achieved.

In 440 BC Democritus initiated the idea of the atom as an indivisible particle that all matter is made of. Nonetheless the 7th row of the periodic table of elements as we know it, which was initiated by chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869, had remained incomplete until late 2016 when the discovery of the four missing chemical elements as well as their names was officially announced.
Stoicheion is therefore the most complete version of the periodic table made to date.