Year: 2010
Event: Dutch Design Week 2010
Dutch Invertuals
Wendy Plomp
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Exhibition pictures:
Raw Color
Excavation pictures:
Laurens Mulkens

Project assistants: Paulo Sellmayer, Anaïck Lejart, Geoffroy Gillant

In Situ is part of the Matter of Time exhibition organized by the design collective Dutch Invertuals.

In Situ is a series of objects made of recently excavated wood from Eindhoven’s Medieval city wall. After more than 600 years underground, the oak wood that was once used to protect the city is brought back to the public space in the form of instruments for revolution. Their intervention aims to question and challenge the routine taking place in cityscapes. Through the creation of situations of wonder, In Situ wants to break public passivity and encourage passers-by to actively participate to the spectacle of daily life. The In Situ props, which all share the symbolic value of both escape and uprising, interact with wanderers on various levels: may these be physical, visual, narrative or emotional.In situ wants to unleash feelings and people.
 In Situ is a trigger.