Year: 2016
DSAA Produit – ESAAT Roubaix
Roubaix, France
Pierre André Bécuau, Martin Bessey, Marion Collet, Clara Delaunay, Zacharie Dru, Maïté Guyomarch, Héloise Laroque, Ines Lepez, Raphaëlle Maillard, Eddy Schied, Lisa Venerito

This short workshop took place in the Industrial Design department of the ESAAT Roubaix (F).

Project Projection aimed to get the students away from their preconceptions and to bring them back to a more archaic design method by designing through making and testing. Its purpose was to reconsider the project as a goal to achieve by getting rid of any peculiar expectation on what this achievement should be or look like, or on what should the path be to reach it.
Using the word ‘projection’ in both its literal and figurative meaning students were asked to design a system able to throw a or few projectile(s) in the best manner possible according to their own standards, with a limited selection of materials and in a couple of days. Students therefore had to both define what the aim should be (the projectile) and how to reach it (the projection).
At the end of the workshop students from other departments were invited to form a jury panel and to give both a technical and an artistic distinction to the projects of their choice.