Year: 2018
Commissioner: IN Residence
Curators: Barbara Brondi and Marco Rainò
Collaborators: Zanellato/Bortotto
Host: Vienna Design Week
Location: Vienna, Austria
Videos by: Marco Da Re
Participants: Agnese Roviti, Berfu Şahintürk, Danilo Lapenna, Delphine Lejeune, Diego López De La Fuente, Elettra Renzi, Gaetano Salemi, Julien Sebban, Ludovica Proietti, Martina Jole Moro, Melania Cioata Burduja, Valentino Chidiac

The INTRA-TEMPORALITY workshop was done in collaboration with design studio Zanellato/Bortotto and organized by IN Residence at the occasion of the Vienna Design Week 2018.

The impact – above all cultural in nature – of technological evolution on society is changing the behavioral habits of individuals, in keeping with also radical variations that force our biorhythms to take on characteristics of dynamic variability. The subjection of vital rhythmical cycles to constant disturbance can influence our perception of time in a significant way; the trend towards a progressive and apparently irreversible acceleration of our lives forces us to value time as an increasingly precious resource.
What would happen if we were able to detect pockets of supplementary temporality amidst the folds of the single “current” moment? How could we exploit the availability of these additional fractions of time? Can Design Thinking develop a useful strategy to multiply these atoms of temporality recouped or created from scratch.
Furthermore: how can the designed objects we use function as devices of detection and application – or new formation – of these segments of extra-time we might indicate as particles of “intra-temporality”?