Year: 2014
Event: Salone del Mobile
IN Residence
Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò
Milan, Italy
Exhibition picture:
Tullio Deorsola

Demiurge is part of DESIDERABILIA_About Desirable Things, an exhibition gathering 3D printed objects from 25 designers commissioned by IN Residence.

Demiurge stands at the border between the Artist and his most unconscious desire to shape the world to his own vision. It celebrates the source of both inspiration and frustration Nature has always incarnated for the creative mind. Demiurge is an ode to the endless desire of control over the wild and random.
Existing mountains (Mont Blanc, Everest, Matterhorn,…) modeled after genuine geological data, are formatted to the ISO 216 international paper size standard (commonly known as A4, A5, etc…) that serves as an allegory of the blank page and sets the boundaries of the author’s potential. It questions the limits of both tool and mind as means to either create or reproduce the spontaneity, the essence and the aura.