Year: 2017
DSAA Produit – ESAAT Roubaix
Roubaix, France
Pauline Charnal, Ninon Frerejean, Lucie Gehant, Maëlle Gross, Johanne Leterrier, Annabelle Lorentz, Coline Magadur, Ilea Paquin-Honoré, Ingrid Parpaillon, Lou Picault, Beneditte Saltel, Camille Vermeulin

This short workshop took place at the Product Design department of the ESAAT Roubaix (France).

The Chain Reaction workshop aimed to get the students away from their preconceptions and to bring them back to a more archaic design methodology by designing through making and testing. Its purpose was to reconsider the project as a goal to achieve by getting rid of any peculiar expectation on what this achievement should be or look like, or on what should the path be to reach it.
Students were asked to work in groups and design devices able to create successions of sounds / noises through a chain reaction, a sort of installation that would become a self-playing score in itself once triggered.